Wildlife Safari - Most Adventurous Activity During Corbett Wildlife Tour

Wildlife Safari - Most Adventurous Activity During Corbett Wildlife Tour

The Corbett National Park is a bliss for wildlife lovers where they can experience the most adventurous wildlife safari. It encloses deep forest which is a home to deers, wild boars,elephants, leopards and habitat of the king of the jungle, Tiger. Corbett wildlife tour in varied ways will help you to explore the national park in different zones of the area. Jeep, Elephant, Canter safari and the Nature walk are some of the ways to cover the national park and explore the flora and fauna of the picturesque destination. The view of peaceful and calm elephants are one of the overwhelming thing of ride and you can also find langurs hanging on tress here and there all the time. The southern part of the jungle is owned by wild dogs and jackals whereas leopards are mostly found in the hilly areas of the park. Read Also (Join The Jet Set In Acapulco, Mexico)

Experiencing a safari as per your convenince or choice will let you explore the place in different ways as Jeep safari is much more comfortable for tracking the jungle beings; but on the other hand, an elephant ride is the most ancient way of trailing that brings incredible joy. Wildlife safari tours in Corbett National Park can take you to the places where private vehicles are strictly prohibited such as Jhirna, Bijrani, Durga Devi and Dhikala Zone after making entries at the respective gates. Read Also (The Enormous Difference Among Taxis Worldwide)

 The entry and exit timing varies with seasons, as in winters, days are shorter and it.


 Morning: 0730 hrs
 Evening: 1500 hrs
 Morning: 1030 hrs
 Evening: 1700 hrs


 Morning: 0630 hrs
 Evening: 1600 hrs
 Morning: 0930 hrs
 Evening: 1800 hrs 



Explore the nature with the most elegant and magnificent mammal of the forest, an elephant ride will be the most unforgettable experience in the finest Tiger Reserve. Apart from enjoying the ride on elephant's back, an elephant rides gives you the excitement and joy in encountering the wildlife in a very closer distance. This starts from the north-eastern side of the jungle and make entry from the Durgadevi gate which continuous to the northern boundary and ends at Halduparao. Besides enjoying your day on the elephant's back, the national park also offers various activities inside the area like game drives, bird watching hikes and a visit to various tribes.
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Jeep Safari is one of the safest options of wildlife safari as it saves you from scaring by the growls of tigers and howls of jackals. A Gypsy is efficient to cover much more area than any other rides options in the given stipulated time-frame and lets its passengers to explore the inside look of the forest. A 4x4 Jeep can take you through the tough terrain of forest that make you suitable for wildlife safari. The expert driver and the guide in jeep will make your journey soothing and adventurous in the jungle. Read Also (Top 5 Safari Spots And Packages in Tanzania)


Canter Safari of the tiger reserves is famous for covering the picturesque locations of Dhikala Zone in Corbett where no other rides goes. This is available at a limited duration of 15th November to 15th June and it just takes two rides in a day. The region is tourists' most favored area because of the famous grassland of Dhikala Chaur which disappears into dense Sal forest at the foot hills of the site.
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The forest encompasses different species of wild life and vast variety of vegetations. The enthusiastic wildlife rides will be an enchanting experience with the beauty of hills and rivers around the place.