Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park

Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park

Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park is the place to go if you are looking to see nature the way nature was meant to be viewed. A relatively new park, it was designed after the Hastings Council received a grant in 1985, and decided to use it toward developing what is now a very popular park. The Port Macquarie-Hastings Council was thrilled with this windfall, as they had wanted to develop this area into a park for some time. Read Also (Lucca Tourist Information)

The park was built and opened to the public, but there were still a few needed additions to make Kooloonbung what the council had envisioned. So, you can imagine how glad they were when in 1996, the Friends of Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park received a very generous sum of money from the estate of a late admirer of the park, GS Sykes. This gave them the needed funds to make several major improvements to the park. They added a new boardwalk, another pontoon bridge, and engraved educational plates to tell visitors what they were seeing, and a few other things. You?ll want to make sure your accommodation in Port Macquarie is close by so you can take advantage of this beautiful park!
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Today, Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park is beautiful to see. You might have a little trouble deciding what you want to see first, though! Two walking circuits have been constructed, and visitors can choose to take one, or both ? although not at the same time ? to discover the wonders of nature that await their eyes. Read Also (Top 5 Safari Spots And Packages in Tanzania)

When you follow Walking Circuit 1, you can see a regenerating rainforest, and an arboretum, or garden of trees. This contains labelled specimens of all trees that are native to the area. Continue on to view a ?wetland walk?, mangroves, and a ?western walk?, along with sedgelands, melaleucas, and casuarinas. If you choose to take one of the available guided tours through this area, you can expect the walk to take about two hours. If you are exploring the walking circuit on your own, you can of course take as long as you like. Be aware that there are steps that you must navigate. Read Also (Living It Up ? Taking A Spa Hotel Bath In The Luxury Hotels Bath Has To Offer)

When following Walking Circuit 2, you can expect to see the regenerating rainforest, the eucalypt grove, sedgelands, mangroves, and the GS Sykes boardwalk. This walk is a shorter one than that of the first walking circuit, around 45 minutes if you choose a guided tour, and there are no steps, making it a good choice for the disabled or elderly. Read Also (Wildlife Safari - Most Adventurous Activity During Corbett Wildlife Tour)

Everyone will thoroughly enjoy all of the native plant life in the park. There is also a wide array of wildlife to be seen and heard, including more than 165 species of birds. You may also spy a koala in one of the eucalyptus trees, as well as water dragons and blue tongued lizards at the edges of the creek. Read Also (Factors to Consider Whenever Getting Whitsunday Charter Boats)

You?ll also want the see the historic old cemetery that is on park land. Here, you will find buried some of the pioneers who settled this area. Anyone who enjoys looking at antique gravestones will be in their element here.

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